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die Region

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Schloss Hamm

Welcome to one of Germany's most beautiful natural and cultural landscapes. Bitburg Airport – in the midst of the Eifel, one of the most diversified low mountain areas. To the south is the Moselle valley, renowned for its wines and the windy heights of the Hunsrück mountains.


The Eifel is a region between Cologne and Trier, between Aachen and Koblenz. However, the Eifel as such does not exist. It is not a mountain region comparable to other regions which you know even if you just know a part of them. This region once settled by Celts, Romans and Franks with evidence of their Monschauculture still extant, such as the Villa Otrang near Bitburg, is incredibly varied: in the South, a lush green and charming hilly landscape, where farmsteads splendidly covered with flowers, bizarre rock formations, like the Devil's Gorge near Irrel and deeply carved river valleys characterise the view.

In the North, there are vast forests and unspoilt moors in bleak mountains, romantic towns with medieval half-timbered buildings and proud castles, such as Bad Münstereifel or Monschau. Maare

In the middle is the range of volcanic cones and unfathomable volcanic lakes, rare orchids and austere junipers (Juniperus communis), natural mineral springs and innumerable very old villages. Two nature reserves and a national park have been established to protect these unique Eifel landscapes. It is worthwhile to get to know every facet of the Eifel region.