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die Region


Joined strengths – maximized benefits


Trier Region

This is an active cultural landscape with a long history and at the same time a modern industrial area with the highest quality of life.


Europe-Region Trier  weiter

The EU Europeand the growing common market are moving the Trier region to the centre of European markets. We cultivate vital and traditionally good relationships with our neighbours Luxembourg, Belgium, France and the Netherlands. There is a dense network of economic cooperation. The way to Europe – leads directly to the Trier region.

Trier as an educational region

From universities to the Academy of European Law: Knowledge is highly thought of in the Trier region. Well-trained, committed employees are the capital and the fundament for society and companies. Numerous possibilities of cooperation with universities ensure a competitive advantage.

Trier as a holiday region  weiter

The largest area of volcanic lakes, known as Maare, in the world, more Riesling vines than anywhere else in the world, Germany's oldest city, the highest elevation to the West of the Rhine: in the Eifel and Hunsrück regions, along the rivers Moselle and Saar there is an unique range of cultural and leisure facilities on offer, uniting geology, history and the present in the most perfect harmony.