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Über uns






"This is Bitburg Tower"

Discover Bitburg Airport on its way to a high performance aerodrome


The "Bitburg Model" is a successful symbiosis of a regional airport, leisure centre and a service, industrial and commercial location. The connection with air traffic brings business advantages for all fields of activities. The development tasks are met by the newly established "Flugplatz Bitburg GmbH" with these shareholders:

  • IFB Interessengemeinschaft Flugplatz Bitburg GmbH
  • Hermann Köppen Ing. Bau GmbH, Bitburg

The development and operating corporation Bitburg Airport (EBFB mbH) is shareholding as an atypical silent partner in the association (private undertaking).


Anyone interested in purchasing their shares may please feel very welcome to contact the Managing Director:


Flugplatz Bitburg GmbH
Am Tower 14
D-54634 Bitburg
FON: +49-6561-96 36 0
MAIL: info@flugplatz-bitburg.de





Bitburg Airport is:

  • a prospering business location with more than 180 companies from different industries
  • a vital leisure area with 1,500 hotel beds and an efficient infrastructure for holidays, sports and congresses
  • on it´s way to become a cargo-, maintanace- and regional airport

der renovierte Tower des Bitburger Flugplatzes


Flugplatz Bitburg von oben